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Are you going to London soon and you don't know how to plan your trip? Don't worry, read below. - This guide it's a 3 days complete itinerary that can be followed easily based mainly on areas so you won't have to move from one side of the city to the other every day. - You will find for each day activities, places, attractions closely situated (for example north-west, central ecc...) to make everything smoother. ✍🏼 - For each day are specified in order from morning to evening recommended places, attractions, museums, parks + some restaurants or food markets in that area. πŸ—ΊοΈ If you're looking forward to have a personalized map you can book it through my profile; it will be customized based on your requests and interests! It could help to better consider your arrival and leaving time and the place where you're staying, so that all the guide is planned according to that! Also, some places you could be interested might not be included in this map and knowing your preferences would make it even more detailed.
Backpacker β€’ Car-free β€’ Couples β€’ Digital Nomads β€’ Family β€’ Groups β€’ LGBTQ+ β€’ Plus Size β€’ Pets β€’ Female Solo β€’ Vegan β€’ Vegetarian β€’ Gluten-free / Celiac β€’ 50+ β€’ Adventure β€’ Art β€’ Architecture β€’ Budget β€’ Coffee β€’ Design β€’ Foodie β€’ History β€’ Outdoors β€’ People & Culture β€’ Photography β€’ Relaxation β€’ Romantic β€’ Shopping