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Piazza della Signoria

About Piazza della Signoria

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What people say

"‌This is probably the most beautiful and interesting square in Florence! In this Piazza, there are a lot of things to see around here. You will see Palazzo Vecchio(you can enter the first floor and see the courtyard for free), the Loggia della Signoria(free entrance), Grand duke of Tuscany bronze, Fountain of Neptune, and the Uffizi Gallery nearby.  Tip: At the left side of Palazzo Vecchio, there's a fountain that has both natural and sparkling water!"
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"Piazza della Signoria, situated in the heart of Florence, Italy, is a captivating square steeped in history and culture. Surrounded by majestic palaces, including the Palazzo Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery, it serves as an open-air museum showcasing magnificent sculptures such as Michelangelo's David replica and the Fountain of Neptune."
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"See the replica of David by Michelangelo, along with other sculptures, in this bustling square. If you want to see the original you have to head to Galleria dell' Accademia but the queues are long and tickets sold out with expensive resales."

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