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Prjónastofa Katla - Katla Wool Studio

About Prjónastofa Katla - Katla Wool Studio

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What people say

"While you're parked at the Vík í Mýrdal Church, why not do a little shopping? Prjónastofa Katla (Katla Wool Studio) is just a short walk down the hill. The family-owned company sits on the first floor of a local house. Rella, their friendly sheepdog, usually greets visitors at the door (and expects belly rubs). Once inside, you'll find the "factory," with sewing machines and yarn, in the first room. A small shop--full of blankets, mittens, shawls, and socks--is in the back. All of their products are made of 100% pure Icelandic wool. It's hard to get more local than this."

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Sigtún 2, 870 Vík, Iceland
+354 844 6056
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