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Ruins of St. George

About Ruins of St. George

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What people say

"Sugarcane cultivation in Madeira dates back to the 15th century. Due to the importance that this agricultural species quickly gained in the territory, the island became a major supplier of sugar for all of Europe. Now, in the Primitive Nucleus of the parish of São Jorge, visitors have the opportunity to travel through the pages of this History. Located in Calhau de São Jorge, this nucleus is made up of ruins belonging to old sugar cane mills that were installed here at the beginning of the island's population process. Of these ancient buildings, the very well-preserved pebble entrance portico stands out. It should be noted that the entire Primitive Nucleus of the parish of São Jorge, municipality of Santana, has been classified, since 2003, as a Monument of Municipal Interest. It is, therefore, a place of great interest on the north coast of the island of Madeira. Be sure to take advantage of this visit to also be surprised by the scenery offered by Calhau de São Jorge. This secluded beach located in a small freshwater lagoon, on the bed of the São Jorge river, is surrounded by a vibrant landscape, between the green mountains and the ocean. Come and enjoy Madeiran Nature and History!"

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