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Sunset Cliffs Cave

About Sunset Cliffs Cave

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What people say

"If you can bring rope to anchor, I recommend it. There's a certain area to anchor your rope which will help you get through if the tide comes up. You definitely want to check the tide charts before going on this hike. You want to do it at a negative-to-low tide or a very low tide. And make sure that you check how long the tide is going to last so that you don't get stuck. The tide can come in really fast and it can get really dangerous. A lot of people go around the cliff which can be really scary when the tide comes up. The tides are usually the lowest during the summer. This is a really popular sunset hike. At a certain time of the year, the sun will go directly down through the hole in the cave. It's really popular for photography. A lot of people come here to take wedding photos also. Do this at your own risk and be careful."
"If you want to visit INSIDE the cave you can only go when there is a negative tide. Make sure to check the tide charts online and plan accordingly "
"Highly recommend trying to get a sunset here!"

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