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Helsinki Central Library Oodi

About Helsinki Central Library Oodi

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What people say

"Designed by Finnish architecture firm ALA Architects, Oodi is characterized by its striking and contemporary architecture. The building features a unique combination of wood, glass, and steel, with a sloping roofline that extends to form a public plaza, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces. This design not only enhances the building's aesthetic appeal but also creates inviting public spaces that seamlessly integrate with the urban landscape of Helsinki. Oodi's interior is equally impressive, offering three floors of versatile spaces designed to meet the diverse needs of its visitors. The ground floor serves as a welcoming entrance and a lively meeting place, complete with a café, a bookshop, and areas for socializing and informal gatherings. The second floor houses the library's extensive collection of books, magazines, and multimedia resources, arranged in an open and accessible layout that encourages exploration and discovery. One of the most distinctive features of Oodi is its third-floor balcony, which offers panoramic views of Helsinki's city center and serves as a tranquil reading and relaxation area. This space, known as the "book heaven," provides visitors with a peaceful retreat amidst the bustling urban environment, fostering a sense of connection with both literature and the surrounding cityscape."
"You probably wouldn’t think about putting a library on your itinerary when exploring a new city but trust me this one is really special 📚 The Helsinki Central Library commonly named as Oodi, is a public library located close to The Central Station. Its impressive architecture asks for attention as apart from the top floor, the whole facade is made entirely from wood. Oodi is not only a library whether it’s a meeting place featuring so much more than just borrowing books. It’s free to enter and among the services it offers there is for example a professional studio rentals, gaming rooms, wide range of tools from electronic workstations to laser cutters, and not forgetting traditional handicrafts as sewing machines."
"Loose yourself in the architectural wonder, the Central Library Oodi. You can enter the building for free and walk around it to fully take in all its shapes and curves. "

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