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Portico of Octavia

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"The Portico of Octavia (Porticus Octaviae in Latin) is an ancient structure located in Rome, Italy. Built by the emperor Augustus sometime after 27 BC, it stands as a testament to Roman architecture and serves as a reminder of the city's rich history. Here's a deeper look into the Portico of Octavia: History: Constructed by Augustus as a tribute to his sister, Octavia Minor. It replaced the earlier Portico of Metellus, which stood in the same location. The portico was situated near the temples of Juno Regina and Jupiter Stator. The structure likely housed shops and libraries, functioning as a public space for Romans to gather and socialize. Over the centuries, the portico underwent several restorations, with some evidence suggesting its use as a fish market during the Middle Ages. Architecture: Rectangular in shape, measuring roughly 118 meters long and slightly wider. Featured a double row of granite columns, 28 on each side, forming a covered walkway. The exact architectural style is debated, but it likely incorporated Greek and Hellenistic influences. Fragments of sculptures and decorative elements have been discovered at the site, hinting at the portico's once-ornate appearance."
"The Portico of Octavia is an ancient Roman structure located in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome. Originally built in 146 BC by Emperor Augustus, it served as a public gathering space and housed various shops and businesses. Today, only some of the original columns and arches remain. The area surrounding the Portico is vibrant and offers an insight into Rome's Jewish heritage. "
"Not feeling up for a crowd at the Colosseum? Try Portico of Octavia instead. Smaller, but free entrance and unbelievable architecture."

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