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Metelkova Art Center

About Metelkova Art Center

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What people say

"Established in 1882 as the "Fourth of July Military Barracks" for the Austro-Hungarian army, the site later became the headquarters of the Yugoslav People's Army. Following Slovenia's independence in 1991, the abandoned barracks were occupied by a group of artists and activists in 1993. They envisioned a space for alternative and underground culture, free from commercial pressures. AKC MetelkovaMesto has blossomed into a sprawling complex housing studios, galleries, performance venues, bars, and nightclubs. It's a haven for various artistic expressions, including: Visual arts: Street art, graffiti murals, and studios for painters, sculptors, and other visual artists adorn the buildings and courtyards. Performance arts: Theatres, performance spaces, and open-air venues host concerts, plays, experimental performances, and happenings. Music scene: From underground punk and electronic music to alternative rock and DJ sets, Metelkova offers a platform for a diverse range of musicians. AKC MetelkovaMesto fosters a spirit of nonconformity and celebrates alternative lifestyles. It provides a platform for marginalized voices and artistic expressions that might not find a place in mainstream cultural institutions.The emphasis on self-expression and self-organization is evident in the collaborative spirit and the numerous artist-run initiatives that thrive within Metelkova. AKC MetelkovaMesto isn't just about art; it's a social hub. The bars, cafes, and nightclubs create a vibrant atmosphere where people gather, socialize, and exchange ideas. It's a place to encounter the city's creative pulse and immerse yourself in the alternative scene.A dedicated space within Metelkova serves as a community center and safe space for Ljubljana's LGBTQ+ community."
"The best place to see the graffiti-covered buildings in Ljubljana is Metelkova. The former location of army barracks, this area has grown into the city’s hotspot of alternative culture. Literally covered in graffiti, it is also one of the nightlife hubs in the city."
""Metelkova Art Center is a multi-cultural arts and nightlife hub located in a former Yugoslav military base close to the center of Ljubljana. It is a popular destination to grab some drinks or party all night long. It is very popular in alternative culture circles.""

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