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Lotte New York Palace

About Lotte New York Palace

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What people say

"Hotel Stay: If money is no object, the Lotte New York Palace is tough to top for a luxury stay. For the Holidays i'd score it a 10/10, but it's extremely pricey. Rooms easily run $600-$1000 a night during peak season. The off-season lowest price is $475-$500. The customer service is on par with a 5-star hotel. The rooms are well decorated and much larger than typical. I'd put a higher value on this hotel to a family with children, that wants a little more attention. The views from many of the rooms are breathtaking. Holiday Guide: The Christmas Tree was sadly under construction in 2021. The tree is BACK in 2022, but at a smaller scale. Located in the court yard of the hotel, this is one of my personal favorite Christmas Trees in New York City. It gets nowhere near the attention of the Rockefeller Tree. And it's easy to combine this with the other attractions near by, for a perfect holiday night in NYC."
"This is the backdrop of Serena and Chuck Bass's home! "
"Lotte New York Palace Tree - Starting Nov 17, 2023"

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