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Bear Lake Trailhead

About Bear Lake Trailhead

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What people say

"Drive or take the shuttle to the Bear Lake Trailhead. This is where your hike to five (yes, I said FIVE) alpine lakes begins! The Lake Haiyaha and Emerald Lake Loop combines the most popular hike in the park (Emerald Lake) with the park’s most hyped hike (Lake Haiyaha). What makes the hike to Lake Haiyaha unique is that in summer 2022 a landslide deposited so much silt into the lake that it turned the water a milky green. Now, in 2023, it is a tropical blue hue. I expect in 2024 and beyond, it will continue to return to its normal color (which is similar to that of any of the other alpine lakes on this hike). During this hike, you will see Bear Lake (directly to your right when you start the hike), Nymph Lake (with its iconic lilypads), Dream Lake, Emerald Lake, and Lake Haiyaha. Note that accessing Lake Haiyaha will require climbing over large boulders as you near the lake shore. If you are not interested in making the longer hike to Lake Haiyaha, you can stick to the standard out-and-back hike to Emerald Lake and back. Lake Haiyaha and Emerald Lake Hike 5 miles 1085 feet elevation gain AllTrails Link: >>Read more about the Lake Haiyaha Hike here: Emerald Lake Hike only 3.2 miles 702 feet elevation gain AllTrails Link: >>Read more about the Emerald Lake Hike here:"
"Bear Lake Trail is mostly easy but it is not all flat so a stroller would not be possible. It can be more difficult in the colder months as snow and ice can cover the trail. Also, from the Bear Lake parking lot, you can jump on many other trails. There are many vault toilets there too and usually a ranger or two in case you have any questions. "
"Beautiful trail around the lake! You'll need to book a timed entry pass at the begining of the month you plan on traveling for the Bear Lake entrance to RMNP. The parking lot is usually full at the trailhead, but you can park at one of the earlier lots. Then you can take the free bus to the trailhead!"

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