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Kentucky Native Café

About Kentucky Native Café

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What people say

"End the evening at native for the cutest scene and sweet dessert! I planned on getting gelato, but they ran out right before I ordered! I ended up getting their blackberry soda and it was DELICIOUS!!! HIGHLY recommend to finish off the meal with a fun sipping drink under the lights! Pro tips: -parking: they have a *very* small parking lot in the front (where your gps will take you). If it’s full (changes are good), go past the place and turn left at the next light (also, there are some cute boutiques through this area as well!). Go left at the next light and look for the native cafe sign on your left (less than half a mile) for a parking lot! This typically has lots of open spots and you’ll actually go in the enterance closer to the restaurant! -kids: they have a cute sand area for kids to play in! -walk through the greenhouse before you leave!! It’s seriously stunning!!! "
"Suggestion from SCBWI"
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