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The Witchery by the Castle

About The Witchery by the Castle

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What people say

"There’s one experience which really can’t be missed when in Edinburgh and that is indulging in a spell binding afternoon tea at The Witchery by the Castle. If you haven’t heard of The Witchery, it is predominantly known for its exquisite dining experiences, but is also a five-star gothic themed hotel that includes nine extremely luxurious suites (which are definitely worth spending some time drooling over online). Located on the Royal Mile just moments away from Edinburgh Castle, the building dates back to the 16th century and was first built as a merchant’s home. During the reign of King James VI, many men, women and children were burnt at the stake due to their supposed tie to black magic and witchcraft. The King was infamously associated with the witch hunt trials causing national panic and the subsequent torture of thousands of people. The history surrounding this period has left its mark on the area, with many local businesses adopting fitting names as a nod to its past. Now back to that magical afternoon tea. You can choose between two divine spaces to dine in, either the spectacular baroque ‘Original Dining Room’ or the deeply sumptuous ‘Secret Garden Restaurant’, but be warned, you should book as far in advance as possible so not to be disappointed. I opted for the Garden Restaurant, where you dine by candlelight surrounded by enchanting hand-painted ceilings, dark oak wood panels, twisting vines and mystical flower arrangements. When booking, if you request the table by the window, you can also admire the headstones, which they have in their hidden outdoor terrace. The enchanting ambience is heightened even more when the afternoon tea arrives. You can select from a number of speciality loose leaf teas, which are concealed in an enormous silver ornate tea pot. The cake stand itself is magnificent and includes their Edinburgh gin cured salmon on rye bread and brioche bun with egg and cress on the lower level. Freshly baked scones and dragon cake on the second tier and then their wonderous tarts and sweet treats on top. Plus, we even had a plate on the side including their Haggis bonbons – you don’t get an afternoon tea much more Scottish than that! Delicious, dramatic, and decadent. The Witchery is a completely bewitching dining experience, which will truly cast a spell on you, making it one that you will remember for years to come. Tip: Afterwards make a short walk over to the Witches Well, which is a monument to the Scottish people who were burned at the stake between the 15th and 18th centuries. "
"Book months in advance. I was influenced by another influencer to go here, I was definitely hesitant it wouldn`t live up to the hype. The vibes and service were immaculate the food was expensive in my opinion and did not live up to the hype. I would consider this place a one time while in Edinburgh thing."
"A luxurious and unique boutique hotel for the extreme Harry Potter fans. It makes you feel like a little wizard with beautifully designed rooms! Plus, it is steps from Edinburgh Castle and has a renowned restaurant."

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