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Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple)

About Wat Tham Suea (Tiger Cave Temple)

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What people say

"Situated in southern Thailand, the Tiger Cave Temple is a spiritual sanctuary for the resident monks and visitors alike, nestled amidst a lush jungle valley dotted with natural caves. This Buddhist site attracts believers and travelers seeking solace and adventure, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape and exhibiting valuable archaeological discoveries such as stone artifacts, pottery fragments, and the reputed mold believed to have imprinted Buddha's footprints. Embark on a journey of discovery by ascending the 1,200 steps leading to the temple’s summit, or participate in a guided tour to explore the caves and delve deeper into the history of this sacred place."
"While the view is absolutely breathtaking, it's important to be aware that this involves a steep ascent with more than 1000 steps. The climb can be quite strenuous, and the presence of bugs, mosquitoes, and mischievous monkeys doesn't exactly make it a walk in the park. Make sure you're well-informed about these aspects before embarking on your climbing adventure."
"A 1,260-step staircase passing by caves filled with tiger print paws and golden Buddhas on the way to the summit."

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