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Topkapi Palace Museum

About Topkapi Palace Museum

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What people say

"Rising majestically on the Istanbul shoreline, Topkapı Palace isn't just a museum; it's a portal to a bygone era. For nearly four centuries, from 1465 to 1853, it pulsed as the heart of the Ottoman Empire. Commissioned by Mehmed the Conqueror shortly after capturing Constantinople, the palace wasn't merely a luxurious residence for sultans and their families. It was the seat of power, a sprawling complex housing the Imperial Council Chamber, the Hall of Audience, and the imperial treasury. Within its fortified walls, momentous decisions were made, shaping the course of history. Today, transformed into a museum, Topkapı Palace offers a captivating glimpse into the opulent world of the Ottomans. Visitors can wander through the grand halls, each echoing with stories of sultans, viziers, and courtly intrigue. The Imperial Council Chamber, adorned with exquisite Iznik tiles, is where critical matters of state were debated. The Hall of Audience, once a stage for foreign dignitaries and ambassadors, showcases the awe-inspiring grandeur the Ottomans sought to project. But grandeur isn't all Topkapı Palace has to offer. The Harem, a separate section within the palace complex, unveils the private quarters of the sultans, their wives, and concubines. Intricately decorated chambers and lush gardens paint a picture of a world veiled in secrecy and splendor. Beyond the living quarters lies the real treasure trove: the Topkapi Palace Treasury. Here, dazzling displays of jewels, from the famed Spoonmaker's Diamond (one of the largest cut diamonds in the world) to countless emeralds and rubies, will leave you speechless. Exquisite weaponry, glittering gold artifacts, and priceless holy relics showcase the immense wealth and power accumulated by the Ottoman Empire over centuries. Topkapı Palace isn't just a museum; it's a captivating journey through time. It's a testament to the artistic brilliance, political prowess, and sheer opulence that defined the Ottoman era. Wandering through its halls, you'll gain a deeper understanding of a civilization that once ruled a vast empire, leaving an indelible mark on world history."
"For me the most interesting part was Hareem. A world of lavishly decorated marble hallways, arched doorways, and over 400 rooms. As You walk through Hareem immerse in the times when there was a bustle of life. Harem functioned as the private apartments of the Sultan and it was home to over a thousand harem women, children, and black eunuchs. When You get through Hareem continue to the Topkapi Palace museums in the courtyard of the Topkapi Palace. The Topkapi Palace Museum boasts a spectacular and fascinating collection of Ottoman robes, porcelain, miniatures, calligraphic manuscripts, jewelry, and other treasures, including the Topkapi Dagger. The museum offers a glimpse into the luxurious lives of the Ottoman sultans and their glorious past. Run through them, there is some interesting stuff to see and know about. When You exit the small gate go to the museums by the Tower of Justice, You’ll find a lot of interesting weapons and things that were gifted to the Sultans of Topkapi Palace. Finish off with Topkapi Palace Kitchens."
"Entrance fee - 650 TL/person (includes the Harem, Topkapi palace, Hagia Irene & audio guide) for foreigners. If one has Istanbul Muzekart, the entry fee reduces but doesn't become absolutely free. The easiest & fastest way to reach Topkapi Palace museum is also by T1 tram and get down at Gülhane istasyonu or Sultanahmet, both of which are approx. 10 mins away from the palace by foot. If coming by train, one needs to take the train to Marmaray (Atakoy - Pendik) line. The nearest train station is the Marmaray Sirkeci İstasyonu station, which is 15 minutes away by foot or can take T1 tram from Sirkeci tram station and get down at any one of the aforementioned tram stations. Opening hours of Topkapi Palace:- • 9:00 to 18:00 hours • Closed on Tuesdays "

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