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Palazzo Corsini, Rome

About Palazzo Corsini, Rome

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"È qui conservato il San Giovanni Battista (1604- 06), la cui attribuzione è stata a lungo oggetto di dibattito. Ancora una volta, l’attenzione si concentra sulla libertà di Caravaggio nel trattare un’iconografia tradizionale. Assente la tradizionale pelliccia di cammello con cui si identifica il santo, appena evidenti altri attributi, come la ciotola, riferimento al battesimo di Gesù, e la croce, quasi nascosta, al bordo del dipinto. San Giovanni è qui seminudo, senza barba, coperto dal mantello rosso. La rappresentazione di un momento di riposo durante la penitenza è resa più attuale, senza mediazioni. Ct "
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"The Palazzo Corsini is a prominent late-Baroque palace located in Rome, Italy. It was erected for the Corsini family between 1730 and 1740 as an elaboration of the prior building on the site, a 15th-century villa of the Riario family, based on designs of Ferdinando Fuga. The palace is now home to the first floor of the National Gallery of Antique Art (Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Antica), which houses a collection of mainly Italian art from the early Renaissance to the late 18th century. The Corsini family donated most of the masterpieces in the 1800s."
"The Gallerie Nazionali di Arte Antica, or National Galleries of Ancient Art, encompasses two main locations - Palazzo Barberini and Palazzo Corsini. Both galleries boast an impressive collection of Renaissance and Baroque art, featuring works by Italian masters such as Caravaggio, Raphael, and Titian. The galleries provide a rich visual journey through Italy's artistic legacy. Opening hours: 08.30 till 19.00. Closed: Tuesdays, January 1, December 25, 26. Admission: 10 Euros."

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Rome, the eternal city, captivates visitors with its timeless allure and monumental history. Steeped in over 2,000 years of civilization, every corner tells a story of ancient empires, Renaissance art, and modern vitality. A visit to the Colosseum, the grand amphitheater that once hosted gladiatorial contests, offers a glimpse into the grandeur of ancient Rome, while the Roman Forum nearby serves as an open-air museum of political and social life in antiquity. Beyond the ruins, Vatican City beckons with the awe-inspiring St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums, home to Michelangelo's masterpiece, the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Wandering through Rome's cobblestone streets, visitors encounter an endless array of architectural marvels, from the majestic Pantheon to the elegant Spanish Steps. Each piazza invites leisurely strolls and indulgent dining experiences, where traditional trattorias serve up delectable Roman cuisine alongside world-class wines. Embrace the city's dolce vita spirit with a leisurely passeggiata along the Tiber River or a sunset vista from the romantic Gianicolo Hill. With its blend of ancient grandeur and modern charm, Rome promises an unforgettable journey through the heart of Italy's cultural legacy. This guide includes: - introductory note - places to visit (museums and cultural venues, open squares, and others) - photo spots Get to see more from my travels on my Instagram (@pedralexpereira) and Flickr (
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