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War Memorial of Korea

About War Memorial of Korea

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What people say

"Among museums in Seoul, this is a favorite for history buffs. There are two main exhibitions in this museum, one inside and the other outside. The hall indoors has exhibitions related to all the wars South Korea has been in. Outdoors, you can see various tanks, vehicles, submarines, aircraft, and artillery that Korea used during World War 2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. You can even go inside them! Expect to spend 1-3 hours here. This is one of the top museums in Seoul for its location since itโ€™s conveniently located in a central spot in the city."
"Nestled in Seoul, this solemn memorial pays tribute to Korea's valiant heroes and tumultuous history. Through vivid exhibits and life-sized replicas, it offers a profound understanding of the sacrifices made during times of conflict. With memorials and multimedia presentations, it honors the indomitable spirit of soldiers and civilians alike, leaving visitors with a deep appreciation for Korea's enduring resilience and the heroes who shaped its destiny."
"This museum pays tribute to Korea's military history, featuring a wide range of exhibits and memorials."

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