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The Student Hotel Florence Lavagnini

About The Student Hotel Florence Lavagnini

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What people say

"A modern hotel with a lounge on the first floor that is perfect for a study hangout. There is plenty of room inside and outside, and plenty of coffee to get you through the work you need to do. The cafe is on the left when you enter and they offer an array of juices, bakery items, bowls, etc. On the right, offices and co-working spaces available for the day or for rent. Come back at night for a drink with all of your friends! It is one of the more modern locations that you can find in Florence, and if you're feeling fancy, check out the rooftop bar overlooking the Duomo. "
"This is technically a hotel, but it's so much more than that. There are a ton of events here such a painting competitions, open mic, stand-up comedy, etc. Lots of things in English as well. The decor is funky and modern. There are bars to have drinks and hang out."
"This bar not only has an amazing view of the Duomo, but it also has a pool! The builiding itself has a unique and interestng interior, perfect for taking photos. Although it is not located in the center, you are able to take the tram to this beautiful location."

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