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Gastown Steam Clock

About Gastown Steam Clock

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What people say

"If you’re wandering the streets of Gastown you will probably come across this clock ⏰ As the name implies, it runs on steam! It’s actually one of the few left in the world. Every 1/4 hour the clock chimes and blows out steam. Warning: unless you go at an “off time” you’ll be bound to see a crowd of people trying to get a photo."
"This iconic landmark was built in 1977 and is located in Gastown at the corner of Cambie and Water streets. The clock produces a puff of steam on the hour and whistles to produce the Westminster “chime” and to signal the time."
"It's always a standout to check out the steam clock and the history behind it. It sounds every 15 minutes and shoot steam which is a nice sight to see"

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