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Laguna de los Tres/Fitz Roy

About Laguna de los Tres/Fitz Roy

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"Distance: 25km Time: 8-9 hours Difficulty: Moderate Elevation gain: 770 meters (2,300 feet) The Laguna de los Tres hike to the foot of Mount Fitz Roy is the most iconic hike in Argentina. If you only have time for one hike this is the one to do. The trailhead is at the end of the Avenida San Martin. There is a faucet with potable water here to fill your bottle. It's the toughest day hike in El Chalten, with an hour of ascent into the mountains. After an hour you have a panoramic view of the Rio de las Vueltas valley below (look for the condors!). From here you're out of the forest and exposed to the sun and wind so make sure to wear sunscreen. After another hour and a half, you'll reach a fork in the road for Laguna Capri to your left or Laguna de los Tres to your right. Ten minutes from here (in the direction towards Fitz Roy) there's another viewpoint with a sign marking all of the mountains before you. If you're pressed for time you can take a lap around Laguna Capri and head back to town. This will avoid the toughest part of the hike while still having great views. From here the hike takes you to the Poincenot Camp before ascending for the final (but toughest) 400 meters of the trail. It takes about an hour to conquer that final 400 meters! The final 400-meter hurdle is why several people decide not to do this hike. If these 400-meters deter you I believe you should do the Laguna Capri hike to receive similar views without this tough portion. Once you've conquered these 400-meters, make sure to spend time at the top, enjoy your lunch at the laguna and its turquoise water. If you have time hike around the shore to reach the viewpoint for Laguna Sucia and its hanging glaciers. There is a popular shortcut for this hike. It involves starting the hike at Hosteria Pilar 17km outside of El Chalten. this saves a few kilometers off the scent and also allows you to see a different trail up than you will down. People often take a taxi to Hosteria Pilar or the Rio Electrico bridge where you can take the trail to Piedra del Fraile to start and then walk back to town on the way out. "
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"A turquoise glacier lake at the foot of Mt. Fitz Roy with the iconic views on the mountain. Just breathtaking and a must-see."

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