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Ben Youssef Mosque

About Ben Youssef Mosque

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What people say

"The first mosque in Marrakesh was erected by the Almoravid emir Yusuf ibn Tashfin soon after he arrived to take command of the city in 1071. to serve as the central congregational mosque of the fledgling city. Nothing has survived of this first mosque and its exact locations is not certain. It was built in rammed earth. Historical chronicles claim that Ibn Tashfin personally engaged himself in its construction, mixing the mortar with his own hands. Having fallen into ruin in the course of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it was completely rebuilt in the early 19th century by the 'Alawi sultan Suleiman (ruled 1792–1822), with a different alignment and hardly any trace left of its original Amoravid or Almohad design. Construction finished in 1819–20 when the minaret was completed. Despite this later patronage, the present mosque has retained the original name "Ben Youssef". It continues to serve today as one of the most important mosques in Marrakesh. Traditionally, the qadi (religious judge) of the Ben Youssef Mosque has jurisdiction over all of Marrakesh, and even over outlying areas. It is not accessible to non-Muslim visitors."
"A former Islamic college that is now a museum. The building features stunning tilework and carved wood and offers a glimpse into the lives of Moroccan students in centuries past."

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