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St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

About St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral

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"An unusual monument to discover in the center of Nice. Inspired by traditional Moscow churches, Saint Nicholas Cathedral is part of the city's Baroque and Belle Epoque architecture. This is an original building in the center of Nice which did not stand there by chance. Although the aesthetic of the cathedral is "Old Russian" style, the construction imagined by Mikhail Preobrazhensky is audacious, because it uses reinforced concrete for the foundations and the central volume with domes, resting on the ground floor in cut stones. Inaugurated in 1912, this sumptuous cathedral testifies to the importance of the Russian community on the Côte d'Azur at that time. It was built in the heart of a vast green park where there is also a chapel built in homage to the late son of Alexander II, Emperor of Russia. To date, it is the largest religious building of its type located outside of Russia. Today, loyal volunteers welcome the many visitors to help them explore its hidden treasures. More than an essential monument to visit, the cathedral remains a place of Orthodox worship frequented daily by the Russian community. Its architecture and history also earned it the status of Historic Monument in 1987. It also received the 20th Century Heritage label for its exceptional character."
"Did you know Nice is home to the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Western Europe? This stunning building, just a short walk from Nice's train station, is an unexpected sight. Beginning in the mid-19th century, Russian nobility enjoyed spending time on the French Riviera, following the fashion established decades earlier by the English upper class and nobility. The cathedral was consecrated in December 1912 in memory of Nicholas Alexandrovich Tsarevich of Russia, who died in Nice. It was meant to serve the large Russian community living in the city as well as Russian tourists, including those from the imperial court. Tsar Nicholas II, the last emperor of Russia, funded the construction work."
"Cathedral Saint Nicolas de Nice is a magnificent religious landmark in the city. With its impressive architecture, stunning interior, and historical significance, the cathedral is a place of both spiritual reflection and architectural admiration."
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