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The Treasury from above

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"While there are many hikes in Petra (and the third of the common hikes is the Place of High Sacrifice going to the left of the Treasury when you look at it), I am only going to cover one more: the route Above the Treasury. On my third visit to Petra, I was looking to do something different than the standard Monastery hike. So I ventured off to the hike Above the Treasury. Slightly shorter than the hike to the Monastery but with significantly less tourist amenities (i.e. no donkeys), One of the first things you will see are the Royal Tombs up close, which is quite interesting given that these amazing edifices are not usually seen up close. You will then begin the climb to the top of the plateau. While steep, it is steady and not particularly long. Once you reach the top, you will be on a pretty barren plateau - admittedly not a great site. Eventually you will work your way through a rocky patch of the trail - this is proof you're getting to the top of the cliff. Then, you will walk towards a tent, the only sign of tourist amenities on the whole trail. From here, you will find the main site - an amazing view from above the Treasury. Actually above the top of the edifice, it is quite impressive to see the details looking down (and the mass of people with an inferior view). While I would not recommend this hike as the "first hike" you do if visiting Petra, those looking to spend extra time at the site will love the view from above. If you want to spend a full day hiking around Petra, this is a great afternoon activity too! "
""Iconic historical site. For the best photos, look to a higher vantage point." "

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Egypt & Jordan - considered two unbelievable wonders of the world - provide thousands of years of history. This 14-day itinerary has been put together based on a group trip I led for clients back in 2022. It was my 2nd time to Egypt and my first-time to Jordan - both countries should definitely be visited. The itinerary is set-up in a way that you could separate out each country if your schedule only allows for minimal travel days. So in essence, you get 2 country itineraries for the price of 1! Throughout you will experience a dramatic world beyond what you can think, as you enter into two countries filled with legends, history, and indescribable natural beauty. The itinerary includes a visit to the famous Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx and includes a 4-night Nile River Cruise. In Jordan, you will visit Petra, the “Rose Red City” that appears as if it emerged straight from the rock bed. Admire the ethereal landscape of the desert city of Wadi Rum, the “Valley of the Moon.” And, indulge at a deluxe spa resort on the Northern shore of the Dead Sea. We have also added in some key tours, unique experiences and the opporutinity to delve into the culture and flavours of these lands. Hundreds of thousands of years of history and iconic wonders, delicious cuisine, and stretching sunsets fading against the desert horizon – this is Egypt and Jordan. Note, throughout the itinerary we have listed options available for tours or additional stays to extend your trip and encourage a greater experience and immersion into the countries.
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