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Museum of Cycladic Art

About Museum of Cycladic Art

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What people say

"The sound of  water trickling, a veranda wall of cascadingplants, vivid hues of turquoise, vermillion and yellow from the museum shopacross and the whiff of aromas from the kitchen make café Aethrion in theatrium of the Cycladic Museum a welcome retreat from the hustle and bustle ofAthens. Perfect as a pit- stop from the tour of the museum or for a break aftershopping in Kolonaki, here is an example of an intelligent use of space in thecity centre. Its compact size lends it a sense of coziness and the service hereis especially commendable. Great coffee, even better lunch options."
"The museum is situated in the heart of Athens. It is dedicated to the art and culture of the Cyclades, a group of Greek islands located in the Aegean Sea. You can also visit in the same building the collection of Ancient Greek Art and the MCA Cypriot Collection (Thanos N. Zintilis collection) which consists of more than 800 artefacts and is one of the most comprehensive collection of antiquities outside Cyprus"
"It houses a collection focused on the cultures of the Cyclades. A beautiful museum that is worth visiting and after a tour around the museum I suggest you take a break from the rest of your tour and sightseeing at the museum cafe. "
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