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National Museum of Denmark

About National Museum of Denmark

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"The National Museum is the largest cultural and historical museum in Denmark, founded in 1807. The museum's extensive collections cover a wide range of topics, including prehistoric and mediaeval Denmark, ethnography, decorative arts, and modern Danish history. In the National Museum you can see the body of a 2222 year old woman, who was in her 40’s (in the 2nd century BC) when she was laid to rest in a bog. She was dug up in 1879 and like most of the bog bodies found in Denmark the woman from Huldremose was fully clothed. Another skeleton showcased at the museum is the aurochs from Vig. In 1905, the skeleton of an ancient aurochs was discovered in a swamp in northern Zealand. This massive beast weighed about 1000 kg and stood nearly 2 metres tall at the shoulders. It was the forest's largest and most dangerous animal. The aurochs was common in regions of Europe, Asia, and the coastal areas of North Africa during the Stone Age. Although the Aurochs of Vig died approximately 10,000 years ago, the species became extinct in the 17th century. Other artefacts you can see at the national museum are the Sun Chariot from 1400 BC and the Golden Horns from 400 AD. The Sun Chariot was found in September 1902 and is considered one of the most iconic and important archaeological finds from the Nordic Bronze Age. Fun fact: the sun chariot is the motive on the 1000 dkk banknote. Amongst the most famous finds from Danish prehistory are the Golden Horns. The long horn was found in 1639 and the short horn was found in 1734. Tragically both horns were stolen and melted down in 1802 (The combined weight of the horns was nearly 7 kg), so the copies made of the horns are known solely from drawings dating to the 17th and 18th centuries. Opening hours: June-september: every day 10am to 6pm October-may: tuesday to sunday 10am to 5pm Admission: Adults: €16 Under 18 yr: free Get your ticket here "
"Close to the Glyptothek you can find the National Museum. This is a fascinating museum where you could easily spend a full day. I’d therefore highly recommend having a look at which topics interest you, and picking 2 or 3. The ground floor covers the prehistoric history of Denmark, with lots of explanation and original artifacts. The top floor contains modern history and culture. Although you won’t want to miss out on any (temporary) exhibitions on the Viking era, the extensive area dedicated to the Middle Ages is probably worth skipping or going through briefly. There’s a lot too see, but it’s also somewhat repetitive and the information about Danish society during this period is not the best. Considering there is too much in the museum too cover in one visit, you’ll want to be selective in what you spend your time on."
"🇬🇧 The National Museum of Denmark is the largest cultural and historical museum in the country. It showcases a comprehensive collection of artifacts and exhibitions that provide insights into Danish history, culture, and archaeology. The museum features displays on prehistoric and Viking-era Denmark, ancient civilizations, medieval life, and modern Danish society. Visitors can explore archaeological finds, historical artifacts, interactive exhibits, and immersive displays that offer a captivating journey through Denmark's past. The tickets can be purchased on the museum website and the prices are: Adult = 120 DKK Group (+10 pax) = 110 DKK pr. person Children under 18 = free 🇮🇹 "

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