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Hacienda Cenote Oxmán

About Hacienda Cenote Oxmán

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What people say

"San Lorenzo Oxman is a hacienda with plenty of space to rest or admire its surroundings. It has a swimming pool surrounded by palapas, chairs for sunbathing, and a restaurant serving regional food. However, the greatest attraction is its sizable cenote. To access it you must descend spiral-shaped stairs. It is surrounded by vegetation and the roots of the trees that fall until they touch the water. It has wooden platforms to enjoy views of the cenote and get in for a swim. At Hacienda San Lorenzo Oxman, you can spend a full day without having to move to another place. There are several price points and packages to choose from. If you only want to enter the cenote, the cost is $70 pesos per person, and packages between 100 and 150 pesos offer access to other facilities. "
"Simple entry to the hacienda and cenote is 70 MXP per person The Oxman Package (access to the facilities of the Hacienda, pool, cenote, restaurant and wifi) costs a 100 MXP per person and you will be reimbursed 50 in consumption of food and drinks The Plus Package (access to the facilities of the Hacienda , pool, cenote, restaurant and wifi) the cost is 150 pesos per person and they reimburse you $150 pesos in consumption of food and drinks "
"pretty touristy place so life jackets are required "

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