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Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

About Diamond Beach Nusa Penida

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What people say

"The east coast of Nusa Penida is home to a few more white sand beaches, limestone cliffs, jaw‑dropping vistas and turquoise waters! One of the unmissable and extremely talked about views is the diamond beach. Notice the shape of the smaller cliffs in and near the water? That’s where the beach gets its name from! The beach is accessible via steps carved out in the cliff and the trek down can get slightly tricky towards the last few ones. The entry point is easily accessible and is just a brief, 5 minute walk from the parking. Expect a little dust greeting you from the parking to the top of the steps. Surfing is highly inadvisable at Diamond beach due to the rough waters and the rocky part of the beach towards the ends. At times, even getting into the water can be dangerous. However, when the ocean is calm, taking a quick dip to cool off might not be such a bad idea! 🌊 Furthermore, being at the east coast of the island, transit time to and from the harbour is almost an hour. It is difficult to visit the diamond beach and other soots on the east coast along with the spots on west coast on a day trip to Penida."
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"Another iconic beach which makes people work before reaching it. Make sure you reach before 8:30 am as the stairs to reach this beach starts getting crowded by people setting up their cameras for pictures. This beach is easier to reach than Kelingking Beach as there are proper cemented stairs reaching down but it does get quite hard towards the end when you have to climb a few huge rocks. Make sure to wear shoes with a good grip if you you're planning to go down. Another thing to note is that the waves at this beach are very strong and it's heavily advised to not swim at this beach due to safety concerns."
"I know I keep repeating myself but, again, this is one of the most amazing beaches I´ve ever seen🤩. While the access isn't as challenging as Kelingking Beach, it's still difficult. There is a path along the cliff and then you'll need to use ropes for a bit of abseiling. Fortunately, there are guides who will help you. I won't even bother describing the beach because its beauty speaks for itself in the photos. At the beginning of the beach there is a huge swing suspended between to palm trees where you can swing and take incredible photos for 10€😀"

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