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Shinjuku Golden Gai

About Shinjuku Golden Gai

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What people say

"Now, let me paint you a picture of how to cap off your night – wandering through these small streets, each one packed with bars rocking a different theme. It's like stepping into a boozy wonderland, my friends. Fun, photogenic, and downright inviting. Sort of like an endless bar crawl where each place tells a different story. We're talking about sipping on drinks that could write their own novels. Reminder to bring cash. These spots aren't big on credit cards. We walked down straight from the Nighttime Alley (Omoide Yokocho), so it's like a seamless transition from carnivore central to the land of libations. It's close by to the train station, so making your way back late at night is a breeze. So, get ready to explore, indulge, and savor the flavors of Tokyo's night. Cheers to wandering where the night takes you!"
"Golden Gai is a collection of mismatched, tiny bars lining alleyways in a darkened corner of Shinjuku. Be aware, the shops many not be comfortable for tall or larger people, as the shops can be very tiny since they were built in another era. Bring cash as many places don't accept credit cards! NOTE: shops charge a cover charge of 500 - 1000 yen PER PERSON (as of 2023) but that may not be transparent. This is totally normal in Japan, and many tourists think they are being ripped off. Some places just charge a cover fee, and others will offers you a dish of "otoshi" which is a small snack or bite to eat. You cannot turn down this dish down and avoid the cover fee, it is just a normal part of dining culture in Japan. "
"Nestled in Shinjuku, this renowned enclave is a hidden gem—a network of narrow alleys illuminated by charming Japanese lanterns come nightfall. Offering a distinctive and unforgettable night out in Tokyo, this labyrinth comprises 200 cozy izakayas and quaint restaurants, providing a refreshing departure from the chic cocktail bars that Tokyo is renowned for. It's a smoky, atmospheric adventure, immersing you in the authentic charm of Japanese nightlife."

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