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Monastiraki Flea Market

About Monastiraki Flea Market

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What people say

"The Flea Market is located in Monastiraki Square. It is a huge market that is the perfect place to go souveneir shopping. You will be able to find lots of local goods such as olive oil and handmade soaps as well as clothing and tons of other gems. You will be in the middle of it all and it is a blast if you love markets! "
"The Monastiraki flea market is the place to be on Sunday when it seems every Athenian is here either buying or selling. You have to get here early because after about 11am the crowd becomes impossible and if you want to take a break there are few tables available at the many cafes and restaurants in the area. "
"For those that like something a little more quirky… If you find yourself in Athens on a Sunday you can visit the famous Monastiraki Flea Markets. With Antiques, trinkets, clothing and more."

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