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Avenida dos Aliados

About Avenida dos Aliados

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What people say

"Opened in 1917, the century-old Avenida dos Aliados has undergone many renovations over the years, being completely different from what we see today. Before the avenue was the city's main avenue, it only had a few alleys, in addition to two main parallel streets. The beginning of the construction was with the beginning of the destruction of the Baroque mansion in Praça da Liberdade, (a building that existed in the middle of Aliados). Another fact that significantly changed the constitution of the avenue was the result of the reformulation proposed by the same architect who designed the Serralves Museum, only in this case, to adapt the opening of the metro station on the site. Initially there was not good acceptance for distorting the historical and landscape tradition of the avenue, but today it would be unimaginable to find someone who disagrees with the relevance of this latest change."
"This is the city's main boulevard. It lots of shops and cafes. Enjoy a pleasant afternoon stroll. "
"Grand boulevard with ornate architecture "

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