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Boutique Du Vampyre

About Boutique Du Vampyre

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What people say

"New Orleans is not only known for its vampire lore but also for its community of ‘real-life’ vampires living within its haunted streets. Boutique Du Vampyre is located on St Ann Street right next door to the Vampire Café and welcomes vampires and mortals alike. It is said to be one of the first vampire themed boutiques in the world and features many unusual and one-of-a-kind items produced by local artists and creatives. If you are looking for gothic jewellery, dark art prints, fortune candles or a keepsake like some custom fangs then this is the place to visit. Keeping with the fantasy and legend of the store, their website describes a mysterious tale of the store owner ‘Marita Woywod Crandle’ who grew up in Germany in the early 1700s and who then turned into a Vampire in 1764. It notes she fled to Transylvania and opened the boutique from midnight to sunrise to cater exclusively for the nocturnal, before moving to New York and finally New Orleans. Due to the many novels like ‘Interview with the Vampire’ and films such as the ‘Twilght’ saga, a new acceptance of vampires was created and the decision was made to open the boutique in 2003 for everyone to enjoy. Tip: If you engage in conversation with the shop keeper and ask the whereabouts of their secret speakeasy, they will provide the cipher with which to gain entry to their spine-chilling vampire bar called ‘Potions Lounge’. "
"Awesome shop!"

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