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De Wallen Red Light District Amsterdam

About De Wallen Red Light District Amsterdam

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What people say

"‌As you may already know, Amsterdam is famous and well known for its sex tourism. This includes but is not limited to the red light district, sex museums, prostitution and sex shops! The most famous area for prostitution in Amsterdam is the Red Light District, or "De Wallen," where sex workers display themselves behind windows to attract clients. "
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"An integral part of the city, the red light district bears a walkthrough. That being said, it's often full of tourists. It's also a good place to visit a coffeeshop (in Amsterdam, meaning a place a to legally buy weed) if you're interested. "
"Amsterdam's red-light district, called De Wallen in Dutch, is the most famous one. It's located in the city center and is known for its legalized prostitution."

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