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BeaverTails Byward Market

About BeaverTails Byward Market

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What people say

"Beavertails are a popular and delicious Canadian food originating in Ottawa. Although in ancient times the natives did eat beaver tails, nowadays it is just the name of this very typical sweet dish (so don't worry, you won't be eating any real beaver tails), which is a fried pastry covered with butter, honey, sugar or cinnamon. There are different flavours, from the original beaver tail to brownies and marshmallows (highly recommended, by the way). You can find them at the Bayward Market.  💰 Approximate price: Between $6.60- $9.40 CAD Definitely a must to try if you are in the city! "
" Makers of world famous Canadian pastries and snacks since 1978. "

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