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Myeong-Dong Walking Street

About Myeong-Dong Walking Street

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What people say

"Myeongdong Shopping Street is the perfect place for you if you love skincare and fashion. At affordable prices, you’ll find everything from the latest beauty products to the cutest accessories, like hair clips and jewelry. It’s shopping heaven! Additionally, if you want Korean snacks, drinks, or other souvenirs to bring home, Myeongdong has you covered. There are loads of stores that cater specifically to tourists and sell classic Korean items, such as ramyeon, green tea, or seaweed. Additionally, another fun thing to do in Myeongdong is try street food! From Tteokbokki to Hotteok, there is nothing you can’t find at the Myeongdong night market. Now, it might be a tad pricier and less authentic than what you’d find in traditional markets, but hey, if you’re already in Myeongdong, you might as well have a little snack, right?"
"Myeongdong Walking Street is a vibrant and bustling pedestrian street, famous for an exciting blend of street food and shopping opportunities. Visitors can indulge in a wide variety of delectable street food delicacies while exploring the numerous shops offering a diverse range of fashion, cosmetics, and accessories, making it a perfect destination for foodies and fashion enthusiasts alike. Don't forget to check the famous Myeongdong Underground Shopping Area for Kpop Albums, souvenirs and fashion! From 4pm until late at night you can get delicious street food in Myeongdong *__*"
"Descend into the bustling lanes of Myeongdong, where international fashion meets K-beauty. While you're bagging the latest skincare or accessory, don't forget to indulge in the tempting street food stalls offering everything from tteokbokki to egg bread. (But beware, Myeongdong is considered the "Times Square of Seoul" so if you want a proper local experience, it's fine to spend very little time here or evenskip this for other places."

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