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Sydney Opera House

About Sydney Opera House

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What people say

"Once you've finished marveling the Opera House from a distance, venture up close and personal by strolling out to Bennelong Point. I strongly suggest exploring the interior of this architectural marvel or catching a show during your stay – it offers more than just operas. However, for today, begin by appreciating the building from all angles as you walk around it, keeping an eye out for seals that occasionally lounge on the northern steps of the peninsula. If you're ready for a rest and a beverage, make a pit stop at the Opera Bar and relish one of the most breathtaking views in town."
"One of the most recognizable buildings on planet Earth, seeing the Sydney Opera House for the first time is like meeting a famous celebrity, except you are guaranteed not to be disappointed. Its location, overlooking the waters of the harbor and with the massive Harbour Bridge in sight, offer a breathtaking view. I remember being impressed by the white ceramic tiles that cover the structure and anyone who is interested in architecture can appreciate the structure. And it is an active performance center, so those who are interested can enjoy a show inside. "
"Sydney Opera House is an architectural masterpiece. It's unique white sail-shaped shells as its roof structure makes it one of the most-photographed buildings in the world. Once you get there for sure you will get beatiful photos. Now you have seen the outside but if you want to walk through and see the house up close then you may book a tour. For more information check the Sydney Opera website and also explore the featured events performed at the iconic Sydney Opera House."

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