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Conditori La Glace

About Conditori La Glace

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What people say

"Just like Skt Peders above, Conditori La Glace claims to be the oldest bakery in Copenhagen. Dating back to 1870, La Glace is situated in an old building filled with classic luxury. Chandeliers, engravings, mirrors with gold trim - that's the sort of stuff you're in for during a visit. It's a stark contrast to the minimalist, modern, Nordic design you'll find at Juno the Bakery and Lille Bakery. In addition to the standard bakery fare, Conditori La Glace also boasts a large number of desserts and cakes on their menu. Think of this as Denmark's response to the grandeur of the Viennese or Hungarian coffee house - and a good one at that! Open seven days a week, you can even reserve a table if there is a specific room you want to sit in. "
"Price range: $$$ This Conditori is one of the oldest and most iconic pastry shops in Denmark, being founded in 1870. Conditori La Glace boasts elegance and they serve old-fashioned coffee, tea, and real chocolate - always in a pot - which is a dying tradition in denmark. The most famous cake here is the "Sportskage" or Sports Cake, but they make traditional Danish treats as well as seasonal and holiday-themed pastries and cakes. Opening hours: Mon-friday: 8.30am to 6pm Saturday: 9am to 6pm Sunday: 10am to 6pm "
"Go for the cake, but stay for the hot chocolate - seriously, even in the summer. There is almost always a queue, so plan a visit for a weekday and you'll have a better chance of beating the crowds. This is a sixth-generation family-owned pastry shop and a must visit foodie destination in Copenhagen."

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