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Jubilee Park & Garden

About Jubilee Park & Garden

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What people say

"This is a very popular park in central London where you can lounge about with a beautiful view of the main touristy spots of the city! 🌳"

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London is one of the most beautiful cities to walk around and explore. And funnily enough, a lot of the TOP attractions in London are relatively close to each other - you just need to really plan your itinerary! And that is what I've done for you! I have personally done this walking tour over 6 times in 2 years. Whenever I had visitors, I found this was the perfect walking route to get people introduced to the city. This walking tour will take you along the Thames River and into the city. You will come across: 🌉 5 important bridges 👑 5 historic landmarks ⛪️ 3 well-known churches 🌳 3 parks and squares 🛍️ 2 shopping areas 🤤 2 markets 🎨 1 museum + some food and restaurant recommendations! And what's great is that it's customizable to your interest - you can stop at anything that particularly interests you! It is also very easy to break this itinerary into smaller chunks if you feel like you want to spend a bit more time in a certain area or if you are a bit limited in time! It is completely up to you! Fun Fact: this walking tour was how I spent my first day EVER in London and my flatmate and I re-did the tour right before we left to move back home! It's safe to say that is a personal favourite of mine! Ready to explore London with me? ✨
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