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The Original Farmers Market

About The Original Farmers Market

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What people say

"The Original Farmer's Market was opened in 1934 by a local dairy farmer named Gilmore. One day, Gilmore decided he wanted to expand his farm and started drilling for water, but struck oil instead! He started the Gilmore Oil Company and also the Original Farmer's Market, giving local farmers a prime location to sell their produce / products to consumers. It was a hit, even throughout the Great Depression. Today there are over a hundred vendors whose shops have been passed down from one generation to the next. There's also a huge variety of food, for breakfast, lunch and dinner! We like grabbing unique items from Marcel's shop and indulging in Nonna's empanadas with their spicy vinegary sauce (the chicken, mushroom, cheese one is delicious). The location of this very impressive market is right next to The Grove, which is a popular outdoor shopping mall. I'd definitely walk off the calories you gained in the market. There's a 3-story Barnes and Noble and a fountain that dances to music! It's a must see. If you're eager to take a walk in the park, the Pan Pacific Park is next door. You can walk around, go to a kid's playground if you have little ones, or go to the Holocaust Museum which is at the far end. MONDAY-FRIDAY 9AM-9PM SATURDAY SUNDAY 9AM-8PM 10AM-7PM "
"Check out the fresh produce and specialty grocers. If you have a few days in LA, grab some of your favourite snacks while you are here. "
"over 100 food vendors available "

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