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Grand Mecidiye Mosque (Ortaköy Mosque)

About Grand Mecidiye Mosque (Ortaköy Mosque)

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What people say

"The Büyük Mecidiye Camii, also known as the Büyük Mecidiye Mosque, is a historic mosque located in the Ortaköy neighborhood of Istanbul, Turkey. It sits prominently on the Bosphorus waterfront, near the Ortaköy Pier and Ortaköy Square. Commissioned by Sultan Abdülmecid I and completed in 1856, the Büyük Mecidiye Mosque was designed by the Armenian-Turkish architect Nigoğayos Balyan, who was part of the Balyan family of architects that served the Ottoman court. The mosque is named after Sultan Abdülmecid I, who ruled the Ottoman Empire from 1839 to 1861. The mosque's architecture combines elements of Ottoman and Neo-Baroque styles. It features a large central dome supported by semi-domes and smaller domes, along with towering minarets. The exterior is adorned with intricate decorations and calligraphy, while the interior is embellished with beautiful tilework and marble details. The Büyük Mecidiye Mosque is known for its picturesque location along the Bosphorus, offering stunning views of the strait and the nearby Ortaköy Bridge (Bosphorus Bridge). It has become a popular landmark in Istanbul, attracting visitors who come to admire its architectural beauty and serene waterfront setting."
"One of the things to do while in Istanbul is to take a sunset walk. And why not go all the way to the Bosphorus Bridge? In front of it, you will find one of the mosques: Ortakoy Mosque (also known as Büyük Mecidiye Mosque). It is in this place that the beauty of Istanbul comes to life and you can see the huge contrast between traditional and modern architecture. Founded in the 18th century, the mosque is relatively small but still stunning. It is built in the neo-baroque style and has a domed roof, a ceiling covered in pink mosaics, and two tall minarets on the outside. The Ortakoy Mosque was designed by the same architect who designed the Domabahce Palace. You should definitely check out the area while you're here. The mosque is located in the Ortaköy area, which also has art galleries and cafes that you can stop by after visiting the mosque. The Ortaköy Mosque is open daily, from morning to early evening. Please note that you cannot enter during prayer."
"The Grand Mecidiye Mosque, commonly known as the Ortaköy Mosque, is a prominent Ottoman-era mosque situated in the Ortaköy neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. Commissioned by Sultan Abdülmecid I in the mid-19th century, this architectural gem exhibits a fusion of Ottoman Baroque and Neo-Baroque styles. Nestled by the Bosphorus Bridge, the mosque boasts a stunning waterfront location, attracting locals and tourists alike. Its elegant design features intricate details, including ornate calligraphy and delicate tiles. The Ortaköy Mosque stands as a testament to Istanbul's rich cultural and architectural heritage, offering a serene and picturesque setting along the Bosphorus."

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