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Yoogane Chicken Galbi

About Yoogane Chicken Galbi

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What people say

"You HAVE to get 닭갈비 (dakkalbi) while you’re in Korea! It’s marinated chicken stir-fried in a slightly spicy gochujang-based sauce with lots of yummy items like potatoes and tteok (Korean rice cakes) right at your table! Don’t worry though, everything is cooked in advance in the back of the restaurant so don’t worry about the chicken being raw. This is a popular CHAIN restaurant, so look for the closest 유가네 near you! I love getting the option that has the cheese ring around the outside~ That way you can dip everything in the cheese! Use your spoon to get all of the cheese out after it starts to cook down. There is a self-bar for some of the side dishes as well! You’ll want to grab an apron ask for one if you’re not the best with chopsticks because it can be messy. Rice is a must with this meal so ask for that too! ✨ Quick Notes: Only for groups Cooked for you (but everything is pre-cooked) Touchscreen ordering ❌ Ordering in English (at Hongdae/Myeongdong branch) ✅ (but this restaurant is pretty easy because the menu is on the table and you can just point at what you would like) "
"Yoogane is a renowned restaurant specialising in Korean chicken galbi (spicy stir-fried chicken), a favourite Korean comfort food. Try it with cheese!!"

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