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Torino, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
Experience Italy like a local, beyond the classic Grand Tour. I plan custom guides and itineraries so that you can fully immerse yourself in your destination. Each one is tailored to fit the dream vacation in Italy you have in mind, while also sticking to the real Italy - and not the one you've always seen on Social Media 😉 Each itinerary goes beyond just activities and hotel recommendations, it also includes: 🧠Historical context of your destination with a sprinkle of fun facts 🥂Local wine that you must try! (Unless of course, you are opting for alc-free trip!) 🍝Local dishes to try ☕️Tips for navigating Italian culture! (ordering coffee, parking rules, etc)
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Evelyn Hill | Colline Alle Montagne
Ready to experience an Italy beyond what you've seen on a screen? Having lived in Italy for over 11 years, I love sharing the special moments that make each distinct Italian region stand out. The best part of traveling to Italy is discovering a whole new world in each region you visit. 🍷Located in Piedmont, I specialize in Northern Italy travel, with a focus on wine travel. Whether you're interested in wine tasting in the famous Langhe region, exploring Tuscany's rolling hills, discovering the excellent Rosati of Puglia, or savoring wines from anywhere in between - I'm here to make your trip unforgettable. 🤓In addition to learning about Italy's incredible wines, you can expect fun and nerdy facts from my guides, as I am a graduate in archaeology and art history. 🏔️Since I can't limit myself to one niche, I'm also a huge fan of the outdoors, climbing, and hiking. I love sharing the best of the Italian Alps with you, whether you're a beginner seeking a breath of fresh mountain air or an experienced adventurer looking for local insights. 📍Here you'll find extensive city guides, niche tours, regional wine guides, and much more! And if you're looking for something tailored specifically to you, check out my custom travel services! --- If you dream of turning your Italy trip into a permanent move, I am an expat guide who helps individuals make Italy their home. From the visa process to the move, from setting up a bank account to understanding the healthcare system, I can assist you. Find out more on my website linked below. ‼️ For the months of November & December, 100% of profits from all guides and 50% of profits from services will be donated to Doctors without Borders. ‼️
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Torino, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
Piemonte, Italy
Lombardy, Italy
Campania, Italy
Liguria, Italy
Lazio, Italy
Basilicata, Italy
Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy
Veneto, Italy
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Genova, Metropolitan City of Genoa, Italy
Bolzano, Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, Italy
Turin, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
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