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Lancaster House

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"Lancaster House, situated in Westminster, London, holds a significant place in the British history and culture due to its stately architecture and rich heritage. This grand mansion was commissioned by the Duke of York and Albany in 1825 and is located just a stone's throw away from St James's Palace. On the series, the house was used to represent the interior of Queen Charlotte's Palace. Several scenes were shot in its opulent rooms, including the parlor, music room, drawing room, jewelry room, and bathroom. These settings played a pivotal role in portraying Queen Charlotte’s world in the series. In addition to its role in Bridgerton, Lancaster House also has a strong presence in the British government as it currently functions as a government building. Due to its frequent use for government functions, Lancaster House is not commonly open to the public. However, it does occasionally open its doors during the annual Open City event, offering a rare glimpse into its grandeur."
"Lancaster House was originally built in 1825 for the Duke of York and Albany, the second son of King George III. It is constructed from Bath stone, in a neo-classical style. The interiors were used as the film set for Queen Charlotte's Palace in the Bridgerton Netflix series. "
"Setting from What A Girl Wants"
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