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Thatch makes it easy for Travel Creatives to create beautiful, interactive travel content to share with friends and followers.

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"Like a notes app for all the places you've been and want to go"

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From your favorite restaurants and parks, to the best bookstores and cafes, catalogue the places you love around the world.

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Scenic hikes, hip neighborhoods, cozy cabins & new eateries – no matter where inspiration strikes Thatch is the place to remember it

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Effortlessly curate getaways, share recs with friends, plot far-flung adventures and dream about everything in between

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All you've wanted from Google Maps - plus more.

Built on the most powerful map experience in the world, Thatch gives you a familiar experience with greater visual control over how you organize, showcase and share your content.


Daydreams and Day Plans - all in one place.

Thatch is for more than just trip planning. It's a home for everything you need to dream, save ideas for later and share your world - the way you see it.

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“This is so much of what I've been wanting to do with Google maps for years. I can't put it down.”
Katie H.

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