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About Fergburger

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What people say

"Opened in 2001 as a hole-in-the-wall place, the Fergburger has developed to a compulsory stop for every traveller. Once voted as the best burger in the world by CNN, tourists flock to taste one of the iconic burgers. You should definitely check out the place to form your own opinion on this. I rate them as indeed very tasty but would not say it is the best I've ever had. Good value for money though! To avoid the notorious long lines I recommend to order over the phone and just pick it up. Ferg not only has the burger shop but also a gelateria, a bar and a bakery that had been voted #1 Bakery in Queenstown. "
"Fergburger is known for "the Great Kiwi Burger" otherwise known as "The Big Al". Kiwi burgers are unique in that they have egg and beet root incorporated. Be prepared for a long line. Check their website periodically to see if your number was called and roam around the shops while you wait. We had the Big Al (Rating: 4/5) and the Bambi (Rating: 2/5). "
"This is one of the most popular places in Queenstown and usually always has a line up. Our recommendation is to get in line and grab your food / drinks to head down to the wharf to enjoy your meal with a view. The burgers are definitely worth the wait, unless you really hate line ups (understandably!). "

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