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""Krypt" is a hidden gem known for its secret location and underground ambiance. This speakeasy-style bar requires a reservation and a hidden entrance code to gain access. Inside, you'll discover an intimate setting, a focus on craft cocktails, and a wide selection of premium spirits."

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The ‘City of Dreams’ - Vienna - is the capital of Austria, famous for its Imperial history and architecture, profound musical heritage, vibrant art scene and irresistible aromas wafting from traditional coffee houses. Otherwise - a very neat and tidy city, systematically organized in all its urban details, with righteousness reigning all over. It gives an elitist vibe that not many other cities could compete with! Highlights: 🎼 Mozart and Beethoven, some of the biggest composers in the world. Wolfgang Mozart: born in 1756 in Salzburg, moved to Vienna aged 25. Many landmarks in Vienna are dedicated to him, including Mozarthaus Vienna (a museum that was formerly his residence) and the Operahouse (which exhibits his works). Ludwig van Beethoven: born in 1770 in Germany, he spent the majority of his life in Vienna, where he lived. He was a composer and pianist who was famous despite the adversity in his life, namely losing his hearing at 28 and eventually becoming entirely deaf. Nonetheless, he continued to write influential music. 🍲 Wiener schnitzel - Austria’s national dish, known as Viennese schnitzel, is always veal as opposed to regular schnitzel (pounded flat, coated in breadcrumbs and fried). Often, it is served with fried eggs, a potato salad, or a green salad. 🫔 Apple Strudel - The oldest recipe for apple strudel is available at the Vienna Town Hall Library, written in 1697. As a result, the iconic dish remains one of the most celebrated desserts that Vienna is famous for offering, especially in coffeehouses. The pastry is filled with a sweet apple filling and traditionally has intricately woven designs. 🍬 Mozartkugel - is the nation's most crucial dessert. Mozartkugel (as the name translates) are traditionally made from marzipan balls covered in chocolate icing and wrapped by hand. 🥃 Schnapps - in Austria it is what Vodka is to Russia, and especially for those who love a good drink, look no further than a bottle of Austrian schnapps. A distilled spirit made by fermenting freshly picked fruit, it is easy to drink, and has the profile of a light-flavoured vodka.