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Sewers Museum

About Sewers Museum

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"The Paris Sewer Museum is located in the sewers at the esplanade Habib-Bourguiba, near the Pont de l'Alma. Below is a city under the city, with its daunting streets and circulation channels, as Victor Hugo so intricately described in Léviathan’s The Bowel: Les Misérables, in which a chapter is devoted to the sewers of Paris. Address: Esplanade Habib Bourguiba, Pont de l'Alma, 75007 Paris, France Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00-17:00 Ticket price: 9€ Getting there: LINE 9 Métro station Alma-Marceau "
"The Paris Sewer Museum is a history museum located at the esplanade Habib-Bourguiba. Inside, you can see a wide array of sewer networks and even enter a part of the sewers with exhibits built within them. However, the Paris Sewer Museum is temporarily closed at this time. Check out their website to find out if this has changed since the time I wrote this piece!"
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"For a truly unique experience, visit the Musée des Égouts de Paris. This museum offers tours of the city’s sewer system, providing insight into the engineering marvels beneath Paris. Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a slightly unusual odor."

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