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Bridge of Sighs

About Bridge of Sighs

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What people say

"The Bridge of Sighs, located in the bohemian district of Barranco, is a charming wooden bridge that has become one of Lima’s most romantic and picturesque landmarks. Highlights: Historical Significance: Built in 1876, the Bridge of Sighs has survived earthquakes and urban development, standing as a testament to Barranco’s cultural heritage and enduring charm. Romantic Atmosphere: According to local legend, if you make a wish and hold your breath while crossing the bridge for the first time, your wish will come true. This tradition, coupled with the bridge’s enchanting setting, makes it a favorite spot for couples. Scenic Views: The bridge offers beautiful views of the lush Bajada de los Baños pathway below, leading down to the Pacific Ocean. The surrounding area is filled with vibrant street art, quaint cafes, and colonial architecture. Cultural Hub: Barranco is known for its lively arts scene, and the Bridge of Sighs is often a point for cultural events and festivals. The area around the bridge is bustling with galleries, street performers, and musicians. Photogenic Spot: The picturesque bridge, framed by colorful historic buildings, is a popular spot for photography. Whether during the day or illuminated at night, it provides a perfect backdrop for memorable photos. The Bridge of Sighs is not just a beautiful landmark but a symbol of Barranco’s romantic and artistic spirit, making it a must-visit destination for anyone exploring Lima’s most charming district. From here you can also take one of the famous guided free walking tours. (Link below) "
"The Bridge of Sighs and the park around it are the center of Barranco. While a bridge has been here since 1875, the modern bridge gets its luster from famous Peruvian singer Chabuca Granda sang a song about this bridge being a place of love and longing. As a result, this bridge has long been considered a bridge of love in Barranco - and is Barranco's most famous site. Today the park around the bridge is extremely quaint. There are a number of restaurants, shops, and galleries right on the park. The park also has some wonderful murals and street art that give it a youthful vibe. While the places right on the park are maybe a little more touristic, go as little as one block away and you can find all the wonderful places locals hang out. "
"Just a cool bridge in the more bohemian neighbourhood of Barranco. "
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