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About Mumbai

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What people say

"If any place could explain the word 'juxtaposition' the best, Mumbai-India's financial & entertainment capital showcases it in the best extremes! Also known as Bombay, this city should definitely be on your checklist to experience the madhouse our country can be. The most forward part of India, yet it offers a peculiar feel of melancholia and moodiness. Probably one of the few places you will visit in the world that will always be alive- we call it the 'city that never sleeps.' -British architecture in the South to Fort ruins amongst the wild -You can spot a variety of properties; from Asia's largest slum: Dharavi to the world's most expensive residence house owned by Dhirubhai Ambani, the owner of Reliance Industries. -Fun fact: Mumbai is an amalgamation of seven islands -Bandra & Colaba are the usual hotspots to get involved in this city's artsy & hip side. -From street food varieties to 5-star menus, the city's food range is extensive and you will be spoilt in the best way. -Make sure to dip into a nightclub to experience the desi music & rowdy vibes (be warned it can be overwhelming a space but fun too). -If you want to try the local stuff check out- Dhobi Ghat & Sassoon docks to start with. -If you are a Bollywood buff, checkout the Filmcity tour in Goregaon. -If you like it fancy, head straight to Colaba & Churchgate, get yourself checked into The Taj or The Oberoi and drive around some of the posh locations of Sobo and head over to fancy restaurants. But this city isn't like Delhi or Bangalore or Kolkata (the other major cities of India), it's got a feeling and heartbeat of its own, you just have to come here with no expectations and let this city take over, it will provide you with the friendliest of faces and scare you with some weird encounters, make you feel the humid weather and then leave you fulfilled with a satisfying art/music gig..I mean it when I say it's got it all, it's a beautiful chaotic mess! Whilst people usually head to Delhi thanks to the close proximity to the Taj Mahal, if you had to pick I would still choose Mumbai- better weather, less chances of being strolled around and overcharged, 10x safer for solo travelers (specifically females). "

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