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Brussels, the capital of Europe, is a thriving international city full of delicious food and amazing sights. Though many people choose to visit Bruges over Brussels, don't discount this city. Almost nothing can compare to seeing Grand-Place in person. Just because Brussels is a political hub does not mean the city does not have extraordinary churches, museums and plenty of fun activities. ____________________ What's Included: 🏡Recommended Stay Options 🏛️Significant Sites & Churches 🏤Museums 🪺Greenspaces 🎇Nightlife 🧇Great Eats 🚙Transit & General Info 🚎Day Trips Worth Considering See "Day Trips Worth Considering" if your trip leaves you with extra time for exploring beyond the city limits. ____________________ A sneak peak of the helpful info in this guide: "Important: Pedestrians do NOT have the right-of-way in Brussels. TRAMS have the right-of-way, then the police, then pedestrians. Before crossing the street, check an additional time for trams. Bruxelles Midi is by far the most dangerous place is the city. Pickpockets are always there and they may not even try to be stealthy. As far as I have heard, they won't physically harm you, but they might try to take your things. Keep your hands and your eyes on your luggage." ____________________ Fun Fact: Did you know the Brussels is known as a comic book hub?
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