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Crawling Babies

About Crawling Babies

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What people say

"Miminka (también Mimina), conocida internacionalmente como Bebés, es una serie de esculturas del escultor checo David Černý. Representan niños pequeños deformes y de tamaño gigantesco que gatean; la primera estatua de la serie medía 350 cm de largo y 260 cm de alto. Fue creado para su instalación en el edificio del Museo de Arte Moderno de Chicago, posteriormente apareció en varios edificios del mundo."
"I could not love this artist more! David Černý makes this city so much fun! These guys are along the river front in and around beautiful gardens and buildings that are all open to the public its a great a day out if you tie in with a few other things on that side of the river. "
"If you made it to Kampa park, make sure you stop by the gallery. There are life-sized statues of the crawling babies attached to the TV Žižkov tower. Here you can take a closer look, snap a few pictures or even climb on one!"
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