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"This is walking distance from Trinity and has so many floors and various seating areas!"

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I have visited Ireland at least once a year of my 27 years and in more recent years, I have opted to fly in through Dublin because the flights are significantly cheaper and way more frequent than to Shannon. As a result, I tend to have a day or two in Dublin on either end of my trip to see friends, family, and the wonderful city of Dublin! I had all my Dublin recommendations in various Notes on my phone for the longest time. Since we're getting married in Ireland in May 2024, I thought it was as good a time as ever to compile all my recommendations and some other people's recommendations (thank you Kenzie, Shannon and Greg) into one Local-ish Guide to Dublin for our guests traveling to Ireland. Dublin is Ireland's capital and largest city on the island's east coast. The River Liffey (or the Sniffy Liffey as my Auntie Sandy calls it) runs right through the center of the city dividing it into Northside and Southside, and out to Dublin Bay which feeds into the Irish Sea. Dublin, which translates to "black pool" in Irish, was founded just south of the Liffey by the Vikings in 841. Ever since Dublin has endured a turbulent history but has prevailed and been shaped into the 21st-century city it is today. At the very end of this document is an overview of language(s), currency, climate, live weather, the best time to visit, public transportation, what to pack, and of course, travel tips! As always, I'm happy to help you plan a custom itinerary for your trip to Dublin or the rest of Ireland! Just reach out to me directly (:
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